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jQuery pong

Apr 20 2009

I like jQuery. A lot. The only thing I like more than jQuery is the community of crazy plugin developers. It reminds me of the python community: anything I need to do, there is a module, and the modules are pretty easy to use. So I thought I would add to the mix.

I wanted to release something that would take the ‘web 2.0’ world by storm. Something that any jQuery jockey could include in his/her app and boost productivity at least by 20%. So I thought, “dude, new-school thought believes downtime, R&R, and even games increase productivity.” Then I pondered. And I pondered. And while I was pondering, I totally made jquery pong (ok, so I retrofitted gameplay from one I found ).

Here is one with all the defaults:


The code:


And here is one in which you will lose:


The code:

        ballSpeed: 10,
        compSpeed: 10,
        playerSpeed: 2,
        paddleHeight: 20

Here are all the options:

    targetSpeed: 30,  //ms
    ballAngle: 45,    //degrees
    ballSpeed: 8,     //pixels per update
    compSpeed: 5,     //speed of your opponent!!
    playerSpeed: 5,   //pixels per update
    difficulty: 5,
    width: 400,       //px
    height: 300,      //px
    paddleWidth: 10,  //px
    paddleHeight: 40, //px
    paddleBuffer: 1,  //px from the edge of the play area
    ballWidth: 14,    //px
    ballHeight: 14,   //px
    playTo: 10        //points
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