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Sync your contacts between your Mac and LG phone

Jul 03 2009

So I broke down and braved the iPhone 3GS line at Apple San Francisco after work yesterday. Once I got my shiny new 16GB phone home, I began the time-consuming process of setting it up to make me feel warm fuzzies. This setup included attempts to transfer the numbers in my contacts from my old LG-VX8350 phone to the shiny iPhone. Ramon at Apple told me just to connect via bluetooth, then use iSync. Ok, easy enough. Wait, no.

It turns out that virtually none of the LG phones are supported in iSync. So I ended up using an application called BitPim to pull the contacts, then I imported them into my Mac’s address book. When I plugged the iPhone into the laptop, they all were magically synced. Cool.

So the more detailed steps are as follows:

I hope this helps someone avoid entering them by hand.

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