ben ogle

Ben's Projects


Pageclip — A server for you HTML forms. A simple service I created so I could handle forms elegantly on my static websites. e.g. The contact form on the about page.

Tipple & Nosh — On the weekends Annie and I make (up) cocktails, and photograph them for the internet.

Guitar Panda — I’ve been messing with my guitars a lot lately and put up a little site to help you understand and dig into your guitar.


Atom — At GitHub I worked on Atom and Electron for a couple years. I worked on everything from writing the features people love to complain about to making stickers, t-shirts, and even a little video.

BRE: Ben’s ROM Editor — BRE allows a user to modify and monitor the ECU parameters of their Honda’s engine in real-time. This project combines reverse engineering of an obscure platform, assembly code, and application code (C++/C#) to create a system for tuning your old Honda.

Eddy: the turbo, CRV powered EF Civic — Once upon a time I was a Honda nerd. This car was my fun/autocross beater.

The last big side project was a web design tool in the browser: It turned into a company and we eventually sold it to GitHub (2013).

I’ve written a number of webapps: version control for designers (2011), a tiny way to share contacts rather than business cards (2010), a project management app (basecamp-like; 2009), image bookmarking before pinterest (2008,2009), classifieds with yardsales scraped from craigslist and mapped (2009), etc. None of them are live anymore.

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